Our History

I was infected with the microbe when I was eight years old, when a pigeon suddenly flew into the window of my classroom. It was like a rush of adrenaline running through my veins. I took the pigeon to my parents' house to take care of it and it came to live in a pigeon loft. And so the care for pigeons began. The pigeon sport was already in the family as I had family members pigeon fanciers. So this was the start for my steadfast hobby. I also took this passion with me when I got married and we bought our own home. When I bought it, I already looked at the possibility of placing pigeon lofts.This is where we have been for years now and the hobby has grown into what I want to share with you, through this website. Obsessed with my passion for pigeons and striving for the top, hence "The Sky is the limit".

We proudly present our team

Our team

Patrick Logghe     


Peter Van Dongen  

Manager Breeding program

Nancy Maes


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