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We admire pigeons, how these fantastic animals have a sense of orientation and a sense of navigation. That is why we want to further test our pigeons and use them on longer flights. Test how a growing bloodline can develop into a well performing pigeon in the middle distance and even after that for the extreme long distance. Raising the bar for us as a "pigeon fancier" and for our pigeons that will perform better as a result. Not only establishing a bloodline from your own kind, but also by joint breeding with the good lines of the pigeons of a very good friend and manager of the breeding loft, Peter Van Dongen. These are the prospects and our aspirations for our future champions. Linking the pigeons and guiding the young pigeon into an adult, well-performing pigeon takes a few years. Not unimportant is also the composition of the nutrition and the flight programs that the pigeons have to complete. Just as a top athlete works on condition and nutrition, our pigeons also strive for the best care and the best condition. 

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"Wonderen Thiago" is the first European Ace Yearling ever flown a 0,28 Coefficient in pigeon history.

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